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Chicano and Puerto Rican Literature, by Trudy Anderson

Guide Entry to 97.01.01:

In this unit, we read the works of several Latina writers. I have been looking for avenues to introduce literature to my middle school Spanish classes and have chosen to study Latina writers for two reasons. First, most of my students are studying Spanish for the first time, and many of these works are available in English or bilingual editions. Secondly, these writers live in the United States, and this may help my students to identify more readily with their works.

The objectives of this unit are:

to familiarize my students with Mexican-American Literature through a brief overview of the literature and reading works by Sandra Cisneros.
to familiarize the students with the works of two Puerto Rican writers, Esmeralda Santiago and Judith Ortiz Cofer.
to engender awareness of common themes (identity, social and political protest, immigration and racial and linguistic barriers) that are found in both Puerto Rican and Chicano literature.
(Recommended for Spanish and Literature, grades 7 and 8)

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