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Reflections in a Latin American Mirror, by Mary Stewart Bargar

Guide Entry to 97.01.02:

Reflections in a Latin-American Mirror is an eight week unit introducing students to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Mexico and Chile through poetry, folklore and contemporary fiction. We will focus on individual countries after sharing a piece of literature connected to that geographical region. The eighth week will culminate with an interactive exhibit open to all community members. The exhibit will include original art, music, literature and cuisine prepared by the students. It can easily be adapted to any elementary age group.

Immersing the class in Latin American language, art, music and literature will enrich our community and ideally be reflected in the daily work of each student. Our two month study will take over every aspect of our room. The walls, displays and learning centers will directly reflect these images. Students will have culturally diverse role models to foster positive self images.

(Recommended for integrated Literature based curriculum, elementary level)

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