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Caribbean Voices: Dramatic Scenes Influenced by Latino Culture, by Michelle E. Sepulveda

Guide Entry to 97.01.09:

In the proposed curriculum unit, Caribbean Voices: Dramatic Scenes Influenced by Latino Culture, students will practice using the writing process and create dramatic scenes. The scenes will depict a historical event or other topic of choice that depicts aspects of Latino culture. A number of stages—prewriting, drafting and composing, revising and proofreading, publishing (as well as performing)—will guide the students through the assignment. Special emphasis will be given to dialogue, character descriptions, and stage directions.

This curriculum is intended for use with my seventh grade drama students. In their regular English classes, they practice character descriptions, a skill which will also help develop dramatic scenes produced by the students.

Special attention will be given to three Latin Caribbean cultures: Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and plays will be utilized. Our selections will represent the experiences of many people, including second generation Latin American authors. The literature used will help the students gain insight to the uniqueness and commonality of Latino Caribbean cultures. It will also help students develop accurate and realistic characters and settings for their dramatic scenes.

(Recommended for Drama and English, grades 7 and 8)

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