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Understanding Hispanic/Latino Culture and History through the Use of Children’s Literature, by Jean E. Sutherland

Guide Entry to 97.02.06:

This unit uses children’s literature as a means of increasing pupil awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Hispanic/Latino culture and history, along with the roles various Latino men and women have played in the historical development of the United States. All pupils, no matter what their racial or ethnic background, should reap the benefits of these proposed educational experiences. Though the activities of this unit are written with a classroom of third grade African-American students in mind, the general approach and content easily can be adapted to pupils in other settings and at higher grade levels. In fact, a number of suggested selections are excerpts from stories whose content level ranges as high as that of an adult.

This unit is part of a school team which attempts to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the diversity existing among people. They are all part of this volume. They are written by Karen Carazo, Geraldine Martin, and Felicia Renee McKinnon. Though each of these units can easily be taught in isolation, the team firmly believes that through working together in a cooperative manner, among ourselves and along with parents, we are better able to maximize the positive accomplishments our students achieve.

(Recommended for Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art, grades 3-5)

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