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Global Environmental Coastal Changes: Cause and Effect, A “hands-On” Approach, Primary Style, by Linda Frederick-Malanson

Guide Entry to 97.06.01:

This curriculum unit is a “hands-on” approach on a primary level (which can be extended to the intermediate grades) to explaining the different effects certain weather conditions and a few other influences have on our Earth. This is done through hands-on activities and a series of experiments.

The curriculum unit is introduced by way of the seashore using Eric Carle’s A House for Hermit Crab which is especially meaningful for children who live near the coast. This is also done in a hands-on manner.

Prior to the main part of the curriculum, the continents, the continents’ formation and the geography of the Earth are explained—again in a hands-on manner.

The following weather conditions and environmental influences are covered:

1. Winds 6. Monsoons
2. Hurricanes 7. Heat and Temperature
3. Ocean Currents 8. Volcanoes
4. Tidewater Basins 9. Erosion
5. El Niño 10. Global Pollution
Also included are a sequence, a glossary, adult and children’s bibliographies, a pacing chart and additional resources.


I DO, AND I UNDERSTAND. Chinese Proverb

(Recommended for Science, grades K-6)

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