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Our Ocean: How It Works, by Tony Vuolo

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This unit is a Science unit dealing with how our ocean works. The unit deals with oceans in general, and goes into some specifics about Long Island Sound. The unit is designed for students at the third or fourth grade level, but can be adapted to fit a variety of age levels. This topic is one which evokes wide-eyed excitement and eagerness for knowledge from the youth of today. This unit will encourage students to inquire about how our oceans were created. It also will allow them to become active participants in the development of solutions to preserve this vital resource.

The unit provides basic background knowledge that can be given to the students. It also requires the use of informational books that can be found in any local library. Many hands-on activities that spark curiosity and excitement are provided. Educational field trips, speakers, and videos will also help to provide further insight on the information being studied. Overall, this is a worthwhile unit the students will enjoy!

(Recommended for Science, grades 3-4)

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