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The Ocean: A Watery World, by Kathleen Ware

Guide Entry to 97.06.07:

The purpose of this curriculum unit is to introduce the kindergartners to the fascinating world of the water. It provides the child with some basic information which will enable and encourage further study of this wonderful world. Through the use of literature such as The Rainbow Fish, hands on activities, and role playing, the children will learn about the physical world which exists under water and will be introduced to some of the inhabitants of that world. The oceans of the world will be understood as a necessary element for the existence of all life forms. Through the study of the seasons and weather, the children will be given an introduction to the influence of the oceans on the climates of the world and our everyday weather. Since water provides a source of recreation and pleasure, the young child will also be introduced to the basic rules of water safety, which all, both young and old, should know and employ. As the child learns the importance of the ocean and its influence on everyday life, it will be a catalyst to the introduction of the social aspects of the school curriculum, that of individual responsibility for the world in which we live. Through the use of role playing, the children will see the importance of sharing and will understand that selfishness and greed, which have led to the destructive use of land, water, and air, destroy the habitats of the life forms residing there. It is hoped that at the end of this study, the children will view themselves as active agents in the shaping of our world and will begin to consider the consequences of their actions upon the immediate and global environment.

(Recommended for Earth Science, grade K)

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