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Long Island Sound: A Research Approach, by Linda L. Macnaughton

Guide Entry to 97.06.10:

This unit is designed to extend the knowledge of eighth grade Study Skills students regarding Long Island Sound as they expand their basic research skills. This unit will enhance the acquisition of the basic skills my students so desperately need while assisting them in the preparation of a required oceanography research paper for their science class. I have observed many of my students struggle to meet the requirements for a major research paper. In the past, I have provided some assistance, but their level of need seemed to require a more in-depth approach.

In this unit, I have integrated their science requirement with my Study Skills curriculum to provide a more developed program for completing research. Although specifically designed with the science/oceanography topics, the skills included could easily be utilized for research in any subject area, on any topic.

I have focused this unit on completing research emphasizing the use of appropriate library skills, including the interpretation of graphic data to better understand the materials, and the use of visual aids to foster a clearer presentation of research in both oral and written formats.

(Recommended for Language Arts and Study Skills, grades 7-8)

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