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A Film and Literature Study of the African-American Migration, by Felicia R. Mckinnon

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This unit is designed for students in grade two but is easily adaptable through grade eight. It meets two curriculum areas: Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies and by integrating these two areas students will construct meaning from a variety of resources. There is ample opportunity for students to synthesize information as well as report information seen in films and read in literature. The students will gain insight for the causes and the effects of the migration on society. The unit uses films like "The Promised Land," "Goin' to Chicago," and "The Killing Floor" to convey the messages of the migration movement. Students are encouraged to question the representation of truth in film by comparing information from various sources. Early and more recent scholarship is used to represent more than five million African-Americans as they traveled North and West. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the migration movement through written works, discussions, and illustrations. Communication skills such as writing and oral speaking are enhanced.

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