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Shang Bronzes: A Window Into Ancient Chinese Culture, by Sheldon A. Ayers

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This unit will introduce students to the Shang dynasty of Chinese Neolithic culture. It is believed that this unique culture originated circa 1523 B.C. and thrived in the Huang He Valley until 1028 B.C. At the culmination of this ten day unit, students will be able to:

1. identify connections between modern Chinese culture and Shang culture
2. explain the hierarchical class structure of Shang society
3. describe how the king played a pivotal role in Shang government and religion
4. construct a "balance sheet" or chart describing the different social roles of the Shang nobleman and the Shang peasantry.
5. plan a museum exhibit of Shang archeological artifacts
6. analyze Shang artifacts methodically, mindful that they are historical events with "bundled messages" from the past

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