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American Political Thought: Minority Influence, by Mary Elizabeth Jones

Guide Entry to 98.04.08:

This unit is designed to use American Political thought to teach mathematical concepts. The unit will highlight selected minority immigration to America. The selected groups are Asian (Chinese and Japanese), Jewish, Hispanic (Puerto Rican and Mexican) and African. The unit will explore why they chose to come to America and how they fared once they arrived. We will look at and compare the socioeconomic status of the groups and also look at factors that likely contributed to their condition. The unit is designed to be taught over a 10-week period, however, it can be broken into part to coincide with ethnic celebrations.
In addition to giving an overview of the effect of minority influence in American Political Thought, the unit is designed to introduce the students to peoples from different lands. This hopefully will foster a better understanding and appreciation for those different from them.

Students will use census data, current publications and publications of the era to collect data. In addition to teaching mathematical concepts, the unit will also highlight the contributions of selected minorities.

(Recommended for Mathematics and Social Studies grades 6-8)

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