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Changing Times Here and Now, by Cynthia H. Roberts

Guide Entry to 98.04.09:

This unit was written for Special Education students in grades 9-12, whos' reading levels are below grade level. In writing this unit, it is my purpose to motivate, interest and stimulate students in what they are learning.

The basic idea of this unit, is to give students an overview of African Americans in Politics and Government at the State, Local, and National level dating from the 1800's to the present time.

The History of African American relationships with Politics and Government is weighed toward the fight for social, economic and political equality. African American have served the U. S. government well despite setbacks. Their contributions are interwoven into the fabric of politics and government of the United States.

The African American historical experience was forged in the crucible of struggle, but it is more, than merely the recorded history of that struggle. It is also the story of the transcendence and triumph of human spirit, of remarkable men and women who challenged myths and misconceptions to help make a change in politics and government.

Famous political figures will be discussed with a view towards the context. Through these readings, we will attempt to focus upon the author's life works, individual strengths, the role each played and the struggle each individual had to overcome. Although this unit will be most responsive to the African American students, all students will have something to gain from the context.

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