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Population Needs vs. Population Deeds, by Raymond Brooks

Guide Entry to 98.07.04:

Population Needs vs. Population Deeds is a unit intended to be used with the supplied CPUP Modules. The activities will help the student realize the impact of populations needs and deeds on the environment. These activities will show there are various ways to solve population problems each having its own trade-offs. Analyzing a graph, "World Population Growth Through History," is used to visualize how population has changed over time. They are to come up with reasons why the growth rate was not steady throughout history.

The unit also discusses extinction as a natural process. Mass extinctions and smaller extinctions have had a profound effect on the history and diversity of life. It is now believed that physical conditions more than anything else affect extinction and/or evolution. How man affects the physical environment becomes very important and the student realizes that a careful analysis must be performed before any new demands are put on our environment.

The unit ends by having the student become aware of the possible implications of overpopulation.

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