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My Family: Gender Differences and Similarities, by Francine C. Conelli-Coss

Guide Entry to 99.01.04:

The focus for this unit is gender differences and similarities. The gender similarities and differences are defined through the discussion of family members, their interests and habits.

The first mini-unit, All About Me, includes physical and emotional differences between boys and girls. Once the physical and psychological differences are discussed, we will clarify our personal likes and dislikes. Songs will be shared and even rewritten for our own needs.

The mini-unit that follows is Family Time. Family Time is a unit that extends the me of All About Me to the immediate relatives that affect the lives of the children in the class. More songs are sung, booklets are made and math lessons graphing the number of people in each student's family are recorded.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncle, etc. take an active role in the implementation of the curriculum unit by assisting in the publication of a literary magazine containing student writing and writing by family members.

(Recommended for Language Arts, grades K-5.)

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