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The Maya Culture of Mesoamerica: Art Works in Time and Space, by Pedro Mendia

Guide Entry to 99.02.05:

What are some of the ways that a culture records its history? What messages do we leave to future generations? Where are these messages inscribed or depicted? Who are the ones that pass this generational knowledge and in what ways is the passing of these messages accomplished? How is that knowledge different from previous cultures in time?

In an attempt to integrate the subject of visual arts into the district curricular standards through the use of an integrated performance-based learning / assessment tasks this unit explores the topic of the Maya. These tasks are specific to the second grade curriculum but can be adapted to meet the needs of younger and especially older students through modification.

The curriculum unit is divided into two sections. The first one provides the reader with some background knowledge on the subject matter. In the second section, the reader can see a series of lessons based on performance tasks that the students need to accomplish to master the content area based on the Mayas.

A list of student and teacher electronic and other resources is provided for the implementation of the unit.

(Recommended for Integrated Social Studies Language Arts, Mathematics through the Visual arts with the aid of Media Library and Technology resources, grades 2-4.)

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