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African-Americans in Immigration and American Life, by Joseph A. Wickliffe

Guide Entry to 99.03.09:

The focus of this unit will be the teaching of immigration, explaining how human migration started in Africa. Students would be able to understand the migration, or movement, from one region or country to the U.S.

The unit is going to be taught to students of various backgrounds and color, in other words students of diverse population. The grade level would be 9 and10. The unit will cover a little on slave trade to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The idea of the unit is to allow the students to understand:

What kind of immigration policy exists?

Who are the major power brokers?

How policies were shifted?

What constituted protections are in place for African immigrants?

Why African-Americans failed to make headway?

What happened after the initial immigrant niche was put into place?

How the immigration system works?

This unit is being written to be taught all year round. The unit will open with a lesson on how to read a map of Africa, Asia, and the western hemisphere and how people migrated to America. Lesson two will entail writing an essay on Africa and America, while lesson three will require a hands-on teaching method.

(Recommended for History, grades 11-12.)

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