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Invasion of Privacy-Has Cyber-Technology Made Privacy A Thing of the Past?, by Valerie Arrington-Steele

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This curriculum unit addresses the issues of online personal-information privacy as it relates to privacy policies, online profiling using cookies, and the position of privacy advocate organizations versus the U.S. government's position on self-regulation of e-commerce.

Students are taught how to evaluate privacy policies to make informed decisions as to whether they would like to do business with a particular Web site.

Students learn how cookies track their browsing activities to create online profiles. They also learn how to delete cookies and change their computer settings to reject or accept cookies.

Students learn about privacy advocate organizations and the concerns they have for protecting online personal-information privacy by calling for legislative regulation of e-commerce.

Students learn what legislation has been passed to protect our privacy based on ever-changing interpretations of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution because of societal and technological changes.

Students assess the government's hesitancy to regulate e-commerce.

The unit is designed for high school students in the following classes:

Computer Literacy



(Recommended for Computer Literacy, History, Law, English, and Computer Applications, grades 10-12.)

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