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The Sounds of Samba, by Rosemarie Crocco Mongillo

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The goal of this curriculum unit entitled, "The Sounds of Samba" is to provide both teachers and high school students with instruments to enhance their academic endeavors. Through it we will be delving into some content background of the music, experiencing the sights and sounds of samba performed, as well as working through a conceptual framework that allows for the investigation of many other topics that might be pursued in a survey course such as World Geography and cultures.

A framework associated with the discipline of Geography, facilitates such a study. It contains two branches: Physical Geography and Human Geography, as well as five themes: Location, Place, Interaction, Movement, and Region. Students may use the framework to focus on only one aspect of their study or to investigate its relationships with other aspects.

This unit is designed to teach heterogeneously grouped high school students. The classes contain not only regular education students who have a variety of learning styles and levels, but also special education students who possess various challenges, both physical and academic. Although this unit is designed to teach high school students, it's adaptable for use with students on other grade levels.

(Recommended for World Geography and Cultures, grades 9-12.)

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