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Mcgregor's Garden, Peter Rabbit and The Plant-tastic World of Photosynthesis, by Kathleen Ware

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Science is a field of studies which all, both young and old, can enjoy. The experiences gained from hands-on activities can lead to a life long love of the field of science. Young children especially benefit from activities that include both literary knowledge and hands-on experiences. When all five senses are engaged in the learning process the results tend to be a more permanent type of learning. The study of photosynthesis lends itself to be an excellent source for the active involvement of the children in the learning process.

In this exciting unit, the children receive a letter from Mr. McGregor, the famous character in Beatrix Potter's classic Peter Rabbit. Mr. McGregor confesses that he has never mastered any gardening techniques. The fame he received in Beatrix Potter's classic for his gardening skills really should have gone to his wife, Mrs. McGregor. Mrs. McGregor has gone on vacation and left Mr. McGregor in charge of the family garden and what havoc he has wreaked on the garden. He has mistaken rocks and pebbles for seeds, cut off roots and stems, deprived the plants of those things necessary for growth such as sunshine and warmth, and has turned portions of the garden into a tropical paradise complete with sand and beach umbrella. Then he notices Peter Rabbit and his friends making off with the remaining vegetables. All these things and the fact that Mrs. McGregor is furious when arrives home and sees the condition of the garden have put Mr. McGregor on a fast course to seek help. Who does he turn to? The children in your class and mine.

(Recommended for Science, grades K-2.)

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