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Bridging the Gap: Math to Science, by Mary Elizabeth Jones

Guide Entry to 01.05.11:

This unit is designed to be presented to a sixth grade or Middle School class. The unit will use the building of a bridge to teach math and science concepts. Geometry, measurement ratio proportion and proportional reasoning will be covered in the math class. The physical science class will cover Scientific Method, SI (metric) measurement, Standard unit of measurement and measurement conversion.

The unit is designed to be taught over a marking period. Students will be required to identify types of bridges and list their characteristics. As knowledge is learned, it will be used to complete a bridge in class. As a culminating activity, students will be encouraged to complete their own bridge as an individual project or as part of a group. Completed bridges will be evaluated by the students.

The concepts taught would be concepts that are tested on Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT). The concepts may be adjusted to comply with individual school goals. The unit incorporates technology in teaching. There are two excellent CR-ROMs that are included in the Teacher Resources. The levels of difficulty of these CDís vary. This will allow the teacher to gear the level of the lesson to the ability of individual students.

(Recommended for Math and Science, grades 6-8.)

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