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How War Changed And The Role of Women in the United States, by Joyce Bryant

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This unit is designed for seventh and eighth grade reading and history classes. Its focus is on the role of women and the changes they experienced during World War I and World War II. Its purpose is to increase studentsí knowledge and understanding of World War I and II. It will provide an introduction to students who may be interested in a career in the military service and understanding the effects of war.

The unit can be taught in its entirety or in segments throughout the school year. It is designed specifically for seventh and eighth grade middle school students. It can also be taught to students on a high school level especially those interested in a career in the military.

War tears families apart. Factual accounts and information will lead the learner to ask many questions. For example: What causes war, and what are some of the dilemmas of war, and how do families solve their problems during war times?

The goals and objectives of this unit are as follows: to use World War I and World War II as a means to teach some history and social interactions, to improve studentsí achievement in scientific concepts, reading comprehension, vocabulary and critical thinking skills. I also hope that students will grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. My objective is for students to learn their self worth and empowerment to be able to deal with the loss of a brother, friend, or father due to war.

(Recommended for Reading, Social Studies, and History, grade 8.)

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