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The Inner Voice: Writing as a Tool to Control Anger in the Classroom by Andrea Bailey

Guide Entry to 02.04.03:

The unit "The Inner Voice: Writing as a Tool to Control Anger in the Classroom" designed for third grade, consists of a nine step-writing organizer with a focus on managing anger. Students will evaluate their own work with checklists. Assessment consists of teacher formal and informal checkpoints. They will take place daily. The students will write about their thoughts and daily feelings to help them reflect and to pull feeling words (new vocabulary) from for their writing

Project Charlie, is a prevention program set up to help teachers help their students deal with drug, alcohol and anger management. This program is fine but how am I going to fit this in to my daily instruction? This unit will incorporate anger management skills (understanding the inner voice) and writing during a series of forty-minute writing lessons.

Writing, as well as social development, needs to begin at an early stage of a child's schooling. If improper social development skills are not in place, one of many problems can occur, the biggest of the problems being the high school drop out rate. This unit will empower practices in teachers that will enable students to stay in school.

(Recommended for Writing and Social Development, grade 3.)

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