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Plains Indians: An Interdisciplinary unit of Study, by Erica Forti

Guide Entry to 03.02.03:

This unit is designed for first grade; however, it could be adjusted to meet the needs of students in kindergarten or second grade. The unit focuses on Plains Indians and the aspects of their lives that many of us find interesting and are fascinated with. The Unit allows children to connect to Plains Indian culture through various activities that relate to writing and sources of communication, transportation and the introduction of the horse, food sources such as the buffalo, beading, and the importance of corn. The Unit is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about the Plains Indian culture though various learning experiences and is designed to give the students the opportunity to go home with a product representing the material covered in the lesson. The Unit is rich with children's literature and each lesson involves a book that relates directly to the subject being taught.

(Recommended for Language Arts, History, and Social Studies, grades K-2.)

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