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History of Early New Haven: A Connection to Our Past, by Thomas O'Connor

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This unit of study is designed to give an overview of the early history of New Haven. The unit focuses on particular social and economic events, and specific historical events that helped transform New Haven from a colonial Puritan settlement to a diverse and growing city. The intention of this unit of study is to provide a skeletal structure whereby teachers are able to incorporate local history into the existing United States history curriculum.

The unit provides an overview of New Haven history in four parts: 1) the settlement of New Haven, with a focus on Puritans and their relationship with the local Native Americans; 2) the development of Puritan society, Puritan values and characteristics that shaped a new town; 3) colonial New Haven during the American Revolution, with an emphasis on the invasion of New Haven; 4) post-revolutionary New Haven, with a focus on the evolution of New Haven from a rural seaport town to a city.

(Recommended for United States History, grade 10.)

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