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Leaving England and Coming to New Haven with John Davenport, by Sheila Wade

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This unit attempts to clarify the motivation of the settlers in New England. A brief description of the rise of Puritanism and the political climate of England is included. It is designed for a fifth-grade curriculum. However, I believe the background information will be useful for anyone teaching early colonial settlements. The concepts of covenant and charters are discussed. The motivation for the settlements in New England were driven by the exodus of the Protestants from England. The early settlements and the government of those settlements had much to do with the Puritans' belief in the Covenant with God. The journey and arrival of John Davenport is described. The contract that John Davenport made with the Indians is an important part of the lessons. I believe the annotated bibliography is especially helpful.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grades 5-9.)

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