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Allowing Students to Explore Simple Physics and Marketing in English Class, by Jennifer Drury

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The unit combines science, writing, speaking, and marketing in a way to prepare students for the real world. The students are asked to research how something works, design the object or reproduce it on paper, create an ad campaign and present it to the class. This allows them an opportunity to utilize hands-on experience to increase their knowledge of an area of their choosing. This also allows them the opportunity to practice expository writing on how something works. Also, the students are asked to create an advertising campaign, which will increase their knowledge of advertising techniques and to learn how other people perceive things. They will then be asked to present their entire project to the class, which allows them the opportunity to practice speaking and marketing skills. This unit brings together a wide variety of areas that allow students to develop and grow around a scientific concept outside of a science classroom while encompassing the basic tenets of three of the Connecticut State Standards for Science and Language Arts.

(Recommended for English Language Arts, grades 8-10.)

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