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Physics and Me, by Mary Elizabeth Jones

Guide Entry to 03.04.06:

This unit is designed for 6th grade science students. The unit will focus on Newton's Three Laws of Motion. The purpose of the unit is to introduce physics as it relates to everyday life. Each law is explained in detail. Hands-on activities will be used to demonstrate and help students understand each law. Hands-on activities and demonstrations will relate to everyday things in the lives of the students. Most experiments will be conducted using everyday items that can be found in the home.

The unit focuses on three areas: motion, gravity and measuring motion. The theme of the unit is "scale." Some activities are designed to allow students to show their creativity. Students will demonstrate objective by making such things as roller coasters, airplanes and cars.

This unit is easily adaptable for a math class. Teachers who team teach or teach math and science will find many examples of science activities that require knowledge of math. This is especially true where measurements are required.

(Recommended for Science, grades 6.)

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