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Do We Need to Wear A Rain Hat? Acid Rain: Causes, Effects, and Possible Solutions, by Joanna Maria Ali

Guide Entry to 03.05.01:

This unit allows students to explore the causes and effects of acid precipitation, relate this phenomenon to their own lives, and develop possible solutions to the problem. It is my hope that this unit will empower students to make environmentally sound choices based on information that is relevant to their lives and experiences. The unit is designed for high-level juniors and seniors in an environmental science course, but the lessons can be easily adapted for other grades and ability levels. The progression of the unit is based upon building on layers of knowledge according to Bloom's Taxonomy. The first stage is comprehension and basic understanding of the concept of pH, leading to the final stage, which is the synthesis and evaluation of a complex environmental issue.

This unit closely follows the standards set forth by the New Haven Public Schools' science curriculum. In particular, the unit addresses content standard 1.0 for scientific inquiry and standard 3.0 for life science.

(Recommended for Environmental Science, grades 11-12.)

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