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Think Before You Drink, by Raymond Brooks

Guide Entry to 03.05.02:

This unit is intended to supply ideas for a Science Fair project concerning water. It briefly covers four main ideas: the Regional Water Supplies, Wells, Bottled Water and Water Conservation.

Before proceeding with the above water issues, a short quiz is suggested to assess students' present knowledge of water issues. A short segment is then devoted to understanding the importance of water and some of its basic characteristics.

This unit should make students aware of the laws regulating drinking water. They should realize there is no perfect solution to all drinking water problems, but that efforts are being made to ensure a reliable and safe drinking water supply.

A student using this unit to prepare a Science Fair project will realize the extra responsibilities of well water users if he/she does a project on private wells. The student will learn that standards do not apply to well water users if there are less than fifteen connections.

The unit ends by having students realize that if everyone did a little to conserve water, the results could be significant.

(Recommended for Life Science, grades 5-8.)

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