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The Journey of New Haven Water, by Wendy Hughes

Guide Entry to 03.05.03:

This curriculum unit is designed specifically for middle school New Haven students. Students will explore the journey of water through the hydrologic cycle to water treatment in New Haven. Clean water is something that is taken for granted in our society, yet for many in the world, clean water is a luxury. Very rarely does one contemplate the process that gets water to our homes clean and safe, even though this process is essential to our daily lifestyles. Often in an urban setting, a student's direct connection to the natural environment is diminished compared with a student in a rural setting. The goal of this unit is for students to become familiar with the water cycle, watershed, water treatment, water contaminants, and water pollution issues. The unit is centered around four questions:

- Where does your water come from?

- What is in your water?

- Where does your water go?

- What can you do to protect your water?

Students will be assigned roles in which they will explore the above questions from a particular perspective. Students work within their role to create a presentation answering the above four questions specific to New Haven.

(Recommended for General Science, grades 5-8.)

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