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Getting Serious about Reading in a Series: A Unit of Study, by Diane M. Huot

Guide Entry to 04.02.05:

This unit is written for second and third-grade students but can easily be adapted for the middle school grades. The unit includes a discussion on early series of children's books, together with the advantages and disadvantages of reading books in a series. I have included reviews of ten series from the second through fourth-grade reading levels. I chose an early second-grade beginning series to model the Think-Aloud Strategy in my mini-lessons because of its transitional reading level. A list of thirty-five leveled reading series is also included. This unit will be taught in six weeks during the middle of the third grade year. The structure of the unit will consist of studying the set-up of the book and the set-up of the series, finding what information/idea is constant and growing throughout the series, and using one series to help read another. The main goals of this unit are to motivate children to read more books and to improve comprehension and performance on the Connecticut Mastery Test.

(Recommended for Reading, grades 2-4.)

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