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Immigration and Photography: The Case of Lewis Hine, by Giovanna Cucciniello

Guide Entry to 04.03.03:

The goal of this unit is to introduce students to documentary photography and how it records the life and conditions of individuals and their communities; to help students develop an understanding of how photographs are constructed; and how documentary photography can express a point of view. The materials used will be Hine's photographs Climbing into the Land of Promise, Ellis Island (1905); Looking for Lost Baggage, Ellis Island (1906) ; Climbing Into America (1908); Children on Street, Lower East Side, N.Y.C.

This unit is intended for intermediate fluency ESL students. Students will be encouraged to translate into English the initial verbal reactions to the photographs in the unit. Lessons will later focus on developing vocabulary, written and verbal expression.

This unit will introduce photography in three stages: first by introducing a brief history of photography; second, by focusing on the life and works of Lewis Hine; and third, by discussing the subject of immigration as a theme in photography and allowing students the opportunity to compare, contrast and photograph their communities.

(Recommended for ESL, grades 4-8.)

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