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Problem Solving through Communication, by Joyce Bryant

Guide Entry to 04.05.06:

This unit is developed for middle school students. Problem solving is the process by which students acquire knowledge, skills, habits, values and attitudes. They must learn to read mathematics in order to become able to use math in everyday life. Like skills, problem solving must be practiced; when it is practiced it becomes far less difficult. Some problem techniques at times are so very important, they should be the focus of instruction.

Problem solving is a challenge for the majority of our students. Real life situations, applications and interdisciplinary connections are a part of everyday lessons to be learned. Students should be led to think about concepts and then generalize about them. We should give systematic attention to the development of problem solving skills as they relate to word or story. In this unit students will learn to solve problems and be able to write word problems independently and in groups.

(Recommended for Mathematics, grade 8.)

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