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What is Home?: Place as a Factor in Culture, History and Perspective, by Justin M. Boucher

Guide Entry to 05.03.06:

This unit is designed as an introduction to a World Civilizations course. It deals with the concept of place, home, culture, and human origins in East Africa. The unit explores the concept of place by asking students to take a critical look at their home, and how it influences their own culture. The unit then measures this understanding by asking students to apply it to the foreign environment of ancient East Africa.

The unit is also largely diagnostic, in that I work in a magnet school where, when dealing with freshmen, it is not always easy to tell what they understand and what they do not. The unit deals heavily with writing, and seeks to give me a greater understanding of what it is the students understand, and what they are capable of doing in terms of writing.

(Recommended for World Civilizations, English and History, grades 9-12.)

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