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The Sun: Earth's Friend and Foe, by Marisa A. Ferrarese

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The goal of this unit is for students to use scientific inquiry methods to identify and explain the positive and negative effects the sun has on the Earth. While many curriculums have Earth Science as a required topic, most textbooks focus on the nine planets and the night sky. This unit includes background information, scientific experiments, technology links, and mathematical connections for both students and teachers about the sun and its effects on Earth. This unit meets multiple science and mathematical standards for fifth grade, but can easily be modified for other levels.

The unit is divided into two complete sections. The first describes the sun's formation, properties, and structure. The second section focuses on the relationship between the Earth and the sun. Topics such as the Earth's rotation, seasons, tides, life cycles, heat, weather, and the solar effects on human health are discussed.

(Recommended for Science, grade 5.)

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