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Your Amazing Body, by Alison B. Kennedy

Guide Entry to 06.06.02:

In this unit I introduce students to basic anatomy and how our body systems are interdependent. The unit shows the body's systems and how we can help to make these systems healthy. We will examine how artists depict bodies. We will also explain how these systems work through various activities, writing, and artistic creations. Finally we will explain what we have learned through group projects. The curriculum will allow the students to be introduced to anatomy in an accessible and creative way.

I hope that by teaching about the body in an engaging and creative way, I will be able to help my students to make healthy lifestyle choices. By knowing how their bodies work and how to keep them healthy they will lead healthier lives. They also will be able to develop artistically through the projects in the unit.

(Recommended for Health, Literacy, and Art, grades K-4.)

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