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Art and Anatomy: The Human Skeletal System: Inside and Out, by Barbara Natale

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This unit will provide students in grades four and five with this special opportunity to explore the skeletal system. The seven lessons allow students the chance to explore factual information, write exciting expository stories about unfortunate injuries, travel to a foreign country and make an actual bone to display. During these lessons, students will come to the conclusion that science can be explored in fun and easy hands-on activities.

Any teacher, regular or special education, can utilize any or all of this unit, modified or used as they are written. These lessons allow teachers and students the opportunity to work together to better understand the wonderful human skeletal system and how truly awesome we are inside. Fourth and fifth graders are at a very impressionable age, and maybe one of the lessons in this unit will inspire them to become a doctor, nurse or a paramedic. Infusing hands-on art lessons, along with inquiry will hopefully instill a love for further exploring the human body.

(Recommended for Science, grades 4-5.)

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