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American Voices: The Varied Carols We Sing, by Susan LaForest

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The objective of this unit is to use "Sheltered English" strategies to teach elementary English language learners social and academic language, while at the same time they actively engage in tasks that enhance their content and literacy skills. English language learners will work on lessons that promote knowledge in the four skill areas of language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This unit will provide activities that English language learners can successfully accomplish whether they are at the beginning, intermediate or advanced language proficiency level. Students will learn that America is a country of many different kinds of people. This unit provides an opportunity for these students to learn the diverse voices of different groups of Americans including: women, African Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans. It also will foster the students' understanding of various geographic regions in the United States. The lessons are based on "Sheltered English" methodology and, in particular, use the components of the "Sheltered Instruction Operational Protocol" or the SIOP methodology.

(Recommended for Literacy and Language Arts, Bilingual, grades 4-6.)

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