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The Mind-Body Connection, by Larissa Giordano

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This unit uses graphing and diagrams to help students piece together the fundamental elements of the human body and unleash the mysterious aspect of the brain as our body’s navigator. Learning, thought, creativity and intelligence are not the sole process of the mind alone, but of the entire body. Human qualities that we often associate with our mind can not exist separate from our body. Our body plays an integral part in our body’s intellectual processes through our senses which feed our brain information. We then can draw a better understanding of our world furthermore creating infinite possibilities. Our ability to facilitate greater cognitive function is connected to the body’s movements and functions.

This unit examines the relationship between mind and body using graphical displays to chart elements of daily life such as food intake, sleep, exercise and mood. Students will also examine the skeletal, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems. Through a series of inquiry-based investigations students will comprehend that everything we do affects our mental, physical and emotional well being. Students will develop a nutritional awareness which will help them realize how positive lifestyle changes can lead to strong bodies and emotionally stable minds. By the end of the unit students are expected to explain and discuss the body systems and their connection with the brain and understand the greater importance of proper nutrition and its application to their daily lives.

(Recommended for Mathematics and Science, grade 2)

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