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A Taste of Korea: A Chemistry-Geography Adventure!, by Waltrina D. Kirkland-Mullins

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What do preparing kimchi, rice, and green tea have to do with science and the study of an Asian country? Through engaging, interactive activities, young learners will discover the scientific, cultural, and historic answer to this question. This unit explores aspects of Korean culture along with scientific elements that go into the creation of three of the country's traditional foods: kimchi, rice, and tea. Students will create these three foods, discovering food preservation via fermentation and the chemistry of creating perfect cups of sticky rice and green tea. Targeted at students ages 7 through 9, this unit can be modified to accommodate upper elementary grades. The unit can be implemented within a 12-to-16-week time frame or expanded to accommodate the entire school year.

Non-fictional and fictional children's book selections, interactive Web sites, visits with local Korean merchants and restaurateurs, and more constitute an engaging language arts complement. A Team-Effort "We-Search" research project is included to promote greater understanding of Korean culture coupled with reinforcing social development and student work ethic skills. Have your young learners join in the adventure!

(Recommended for Science, Social Studies and Language Arts, grades 3-5)

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