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Come to Your Senses, by Darla Martinez

Guide Entry to 09.04.06:

This unit is designed to help students learn about their bodies and how they use their senses to take in information. It is intended to generate interest and excitement by encouraging students to use their five senses to explore the world around them. It will give students the understanding that their five senses work together to allow their body to function properly. This unit will demonstrate these ideas through hands-on activities.

The students will be able to meet the following objectives: recognize and name their five senses; record data; compare and analyze data; communicate findings through illustrations, graphs, and/or verbally, use the five senses to discover properties of objects in the environment, name a body part used for each sense; compare objects using only one sense; classify objects using only one sense; become aware of various physical impairments; describe how the five senses work together; describe ways to show proper care of eyes, ears, skin and nose; practice safety procedures relevant to the five senses; and describe how each sense works.

(Recommended for Science, Health, and Language Arts, grades pre-K-1)

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