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Microbes in Long Island Sound, by Melissa Talarczyk

Guide Entry to 10.03.05:

Imagine a world of microscopic creatures swimming and living around us. This unit allows you to teach your students about the world of bacteria. Students will discover how plants living in Long Island Sound are positively and adversely affected by the microbes living within the water. Students will also learn how bacteria or germs can both help and harm humans. They will make observations as bacteria are grown in the classroom, focusing on how the amount of light the bacteria receive help them to grow more quickly. They will discover what the bacteria need in order to survive and flourish in the Sound. Students will learn about the process of weathering and erosion of rocks and how they provide the plants and animals in the oceans and lakes with nutrients. Students will learn the role that the water cycle plays in the contamination of oceans and lakes. Finally, they will also learn how they are responsible for some of the pollution in the Sound and how they can help to keep the Sound clean.

(Recommended for Science, grades K-2)

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