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A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind, by Melissa Beth Ugolik

Guide Entry to 12.03.09:

My unit is geared towards students in grade 2. I expect my students to walk away from this unit understanding that when they eat healthy, exercise and sleep enough, their minds will be more focused and energized for the day! We will discuss the food pyramid and what foods should be eaten daily, as well as how many fruits and vegetables we eat. We will discuss green-light foods, yellow-light and red-light foods to make the students more aware of what they are putting inside of their bodies. Along with nutrition, we will spend time discussing the importance of exercise. Being active every day is not only good for your muscles, but good for your mood and brain! We will use heart monitors to keep track of how much energy we are using during exercises. The students will record their daily food intake along with daily exercise in a journal. Writing down everything will put it all into perspective and make it realistic and tangible for my students. I am looking forward to conducting this unit with my students to promote lifelong, healthy learning.

(Recommended for Literacy, Mathematics, and Science, grades 2 and 3)

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