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Carbohydrates and Lipids in Human Health, by Chris Willems

Guide Entry to 12.03.10:

This high-school science curriculum unit addresses diet, nutrition and digestion. The goal is to engage students with the topic via direct, personal experience with some aspects of their digestive anatomy.

The unit is specifically interested in major metabolic biological molecules, namely proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. There are numerous classroom activities integrated into the text of the unit. Images have been chosen carefully for clarity and instructional value. Images are very helpful for understanding such content, and have been carefully appended in the text.

Biochemistry is complicated, but the use of examples and hands-on concrete activities as described in this teaching plan will help students delve more deeply into this fascinating topic.

(Recommended for Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Health, Epidemiology, and Biotechnology, grades 9-12)

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