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Growing Up in Urban America, by LaShante A. James

Guide Entry to 13.02.05:

In this unit, students will analyze literary texts, photographs and films that document the adolescent immigrant/migrant experiences during the early nineteenth to late twentieth century and the change of the immigrant experience over time. By the end of the unit, students should be able to analyze historical text, examine the immigrant/migrant experience, develop meaningful connections as an adolescent growing up in urban America, and finally, document how the urban experience has shifted over time. Readings and supplemental material are organized based on historical events. With the material broken down into time periods, students will be able to form connections beyond race or ethnic groups, because it is important for them to see that there were shared experiences that were economic as well. The experience of the immigrant/migrant should be the focus, as well as how those experiences were shaped by the time period and presented comparative or contrasting experiences. As the unit progresses, students will independently journal their own urban experience. This will culminate into a final project documenting their personal experience. Ultimately, students will be able to determine how environment impacts one's life in a way that crosses racial and ethnic barriers.

(Recommended for English, grades 10-12)

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