On Common Ground : Partnerships and the Arts
Number 5, Fall 1995

Table of Contents

On Common Ground : Learning Through the Arts
______By Thomas R. Whitaker
Metaphors and Possibility
______By Maxine Greene
The Arts as Knowing
______By Scott T. Massey
Why the Arts are Marginalized in Our Schools: One More Time
______By Elliot W. Eisner
From the New Haven Experience
______ Exploring Art, Artifacts and Culture in the Institute
______By Jules David Prown

______By Kent C. Bloomer

______Learning though Drama
______By Thomas R. Whitaker

______Poetry in the Classroom: The Beecher Experiment
______By Paul H. Fry and Jean E. Sutherland

______My Father
______By Narkita Spearman

Student Artwork: Collaborative Quilt of Transformation
______By Helen Seigel
Partnering University Dance and the Schools
______By Jill Beck
Saint Joseph Ballet's Program for Inner-City Children
______By Marty Trujillo
The National Writing Project: A University-based Teacher-centered Partnership Program
______By James Gray and Richard Sterling
Teachers and Students Collaborating as "Makers"
______By Laura J. Roop and Laura Schiller
Collaboration as Story Building
______By Colleen M. Fairbanks
Voices from the Classroom
______Collaboration from a Teacher's Perspective
______By Sharon Floyd

______Empowering Students through the Arts
______By Sharon A. Olguin

Wrinkle Writing
______By Susan Pearson-Davis
A Reader, A Writer
______By Rosa Citlali Zamora
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