On Common Ground
Number 6, Spring 1996

Table of Contents

On Common Ground : Challenges and Responses
______By Thomas R. Whitaker
School and University: Bad Dreams, Good Dreams
______By Roland S. Barth
School-College Partnerships: Lessons of the Past
______By Arthur Levine
In This Challenge There is Real Opportunity
______By Sherry Penney in collaboration with William Danridge
Overcoming Obstacles to Wider Partnerships
______By Edmund G. Ryan
Model Practices from Professional Schools
______By Gene I. Maeroff
University-School Collaboration and Educational Reform
______By Jay L. Robinson
Superintendents' and Principals' Forum:
______ Introduction

______Partnerships and the Role of the Superintendent
______By Thomas Persing

______A Principal's Voice in School/University Partnerships
______By Charles S. Serns


Staff Development and School Improvement
______By Foster B. Gibbs
Voices from the Classroom
______A Case for Collaboration
______By Carol Keck, Linda Tripp, and Ann Claunch
The Loud Silence: Locating Student Voices in Partnerships
______By Suzanne SooHoo
Do Better Teachers Equal Better Schools?
______By Sophie Sa
Partnerships Between Schools and Universities
______By Deborah Meier
Creating Vehicles for K-16 Reform
______By Kati Haycock
Fred M. Hechinger, 1920-1995
Ernest L. Boyer, 1928-1995
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