On Common Ground : Number 7, Fall 1996

Table of Contents

On Common Ground : Diversity, Partnership, and Community
______By Thomas R. Whitaker
A Leap of Faith: The Promise of Partnership
______By Manuel N. Gómez
From the New Haven Experience:
______ Introduction

______Encounter with a City
______By Howard R. Lamar

______On the Community of School and University
______By Richard H. Brodhead

______Entering Multiculturalism
______By Bryan J. Wolf

Collaboration as Community
______By Janet Ray Edwards
One, and Yet Many
______By James W. Pipkin
Multiculturalism as Common Ground
______By Ronald Takaki
On the Debate Over Multiculturalism
______By Richard H. Brodhead
The Puente Project
______By Patricia McGrath and Felix Galaviz
Writing about Culturally Diverse Literature
______By Carol Booth Olson
Partnering with Indigenous Education
______By Richard Simonelli
Rural-Urban Teacher Education
______By Joseph H. Suina and Laura B. Smolkin
Bread Loaf Rural Communities
______By Dixie Goswami
Finding Partners and Building Community
______By Philip Sittnick
Student Voices:
______A Commentary on Diversity and Community
______By Rev, Frederick J. Streets
Voices from the Classroom
______Your Hood is the World
______By Sharon M. Floyd
Book Reviews
______bell hooks' Teaching to Transgress and Ronald Takaki's
______A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America

______By Manuel N. Gómez
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