On Common Ground: Number 8, Winter 1998

Table of Contents

On Common Ground: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
______By Thomas R. Whitaker

Partnerships for Today and Tomorrow
______By Gerald N. Tirozzi

From the President's Committee
______By John Brademas

The Future of Partnerships
______By Gene I. Maeroff

Sustaining Partnerships: New Challenges and Opportunities
______By J. Myron Atkin

California's Outreach
______By Richard Atkinson

Universities, Schools, and the Story of Education
______By Russell Edgerton

Collaboration in Support of Diversity: A Dean's Reflections
______By Eugene E. García

Independent Colleges and Universities in Partnership with America's Schools
______By David L. Warren

The California Subject Matter Projects: Reflections on Sustainability
______By Robert Polkinghorn, Jr. and Laura Stokes

Research and Pedagogy in the New Partnerships
______By John Carlos Rowe

The Brown University "Texts and Teachers" Program
______By Arnold Weinstein

South African Partnerships
______By Richard A. Donovan

Teachers' Forum:

______Collaborative Teaching
____________By Peter Herndon

______A Teacher's Learning
____________By Jean Sutherland

On the Path to Democracy: The Role of Partnership in American Education
______By Manuel N. Gómez

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