On Common Ground: Number 9, Fall 2001

Table of Contents


Does America Know How to Teach?
______By Rod Paige the United States Secretary of Education


On Common Ground: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
______By Thomas R. Whitaker

Establishing Teachers Institutes

A Three-Way Partnership
______By Esther L. Barazzone

Urban Partnerships-The Scene is Changing
______By Helen Faison

What Does One Do When Change Seems Impossible?
______By Owen M. Lopez

Making Connections in a Complex Community
______By Michael Fischer

Enthusiasm and Creativity in Institute Seminars
______By William C. Gordon

Voices from the National Community
______Editor's Note

On Leading a Teachers Institute Seminar, or How I Became A Professional Educator
______By Rogers M. Smith

A Seminar in "American History Through Art"
______By Elisabeth Roark

A Seminar in "Decision-Making"
______By Kate Krause

A Seminar in "Teaching Religion Critically
______By John H. Smith

Teachers Leadership and Renewal

Generating Teacher Leadership
______By Paul D. Cooke

A Welcome to Houston Teachers
______By Arthur K. Smith

Teachers Enlightening and Renewing Themselves
______By Daniel Addis

Professional Development that Affects Student Learning
______By Mel Sanchez

The Process of Teacher Leadership
______By Jean Sutherland

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